August 21, 2006

Security Hacking Conferences: Feeding your Technical Mind

Obviously, due to professional, personal and financial reasons, security professionals cannot attend all the multiple security and hacking conferences that are held out there, worldwide, throughout the year. In order to stay current on the latest security threats, tools, research and improvements, trying to feed our hungry technical minds, we can instead (although being there in person cannot be compared to...) access the conferences main homepages.

Almost all conferences have an archive section from where you can download the presentations (commonly in PDF or PowerPoint format) or even the event audio and video recordings. The following is an incomplete list of all the major technical security hacking conferences all over the world:

NOTE: This list is continuously updated with new infosec conferences I hear about! [UPDATED: June 3, 2009]

But, if you are interested on being notified about new upcoming conferences and events, I strongly recommend these Web sites and their feeds:

BTW, the official BlackHat US 2006 and DEFCON 14 archives will be completely released any time now. Meanwhile, you can access all the material here. Thanks Mr.X for providing this early access!

Now, you have tons of material to read, listen and watch. Enjoy it!!


Blogger Johnny Foo said...

I guess that the spanish security cons could be included in the list, and not only because of the weather, beach and party time!!

- Whitehack (Sevilla)
- NoConName (Mallorca)

10:31 AM  
Blogger Raul Siles said...

Thanks! As we are used to say in Spanish, "nadie es profeta en su tierra", that is, it is much more difficult to succeed in your own country than abroad. I forgot about the local events :-)

Both conferences, plus the FIST conferences (Madrid and Barcelona), are cellebrated in Spain.

10:54 PM  
Blogger j0rd4n14n.r1z said...

Thanks ! but as i can see there is no Arabian conference ... or any conference in arab country like jordan / Dubia / etc in middle east ..


7:34 PM  
Blogger Raul Siles said...

Hi j0rd4n14n.r1z,
The HackinTheBox conference has been celebrated in Dubai too in the past a few times. Link updated.

9:21 AM  

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