October 12, 2009

Prison Break - Breaking, Entering & Decoding - Challenge Answers & Winners

The answers and winners for the EH-net "Prison Break (Breaking, Entering & Decoding)" challenge (August 2009) have been published today.

The answers for this challenge were released in scoop to The Informer subscribers a few days ago. In Johnny Long words, "The Informer is a fund raising effort run by Hackers For Charity. It is designed to give subscribers a "backstage pass" to the world of Information Security. For $54 per year, subscribers get early, exclusive access to all sorts of goodies donated by the top names in the INFOSEC world. The industry's most recognized names will post blog entries here before they even post them to their own sites." The EH-Net contribution will be the answers to the Skillz H@ck1ng Challenges a few days before they are revealed on EH-Net.

It is an honor for me to drive this initiative, with the support of Don Donzal (EH-Net) and Ed Skoudis (Challenge Master), and start posting the official answers of this challenge on The Informer.

The “Prison Break – Breaking, Entering & Decoding” challenge winners have been announced on EH-net, and the answers are contained in a single PDF file (27 pages) plus three associated screencasts:
Thanks to everybody for participating on the challenge, and to Ed and Don for the opportunity. I hope you enjoyed working on it as much as I enjoyed designing and writing it!

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