December 12, 2009

Hacking Challenges: Have Fun Improving Your Skills!

Last week, December 3, I was presenting an @Night event during the SANS London 2009 conference, focused on hacking challenges and how they can be used to improve your skills and knowledge while having fun:

Hacking and security challenges are a great and effective training tool. They provide a platform to improve everyone's skills by forcing all candidates to devise an offensive or defensive tactic, apply different techniques, and squeeze the available tools to succeed. The acquired knowledge can be later on applied to real-world ventures.

This interactive session will guide the audience through some scenarios associated to penetration testing and hacking challenges published over 2009. Apply your technical skills and knowledge to solve these challenges while having fun!

The interactive session was very fun and people actively participated, and performed really well, to solve a compact version of the "Prison Break" challenge in one hour. This has been the first event where we have announced the birth of a new security company, called Taddong, focused on advanced security services. More details about it in the upcoming weeks...

The presentation is available here: "Hacking Challenges: Have Fun Improving Your Skills!".

During the session, on purpose, the last portion of the challenge remained unsolved, that is... what is the input required to generate the Scylla validation code (you already know it is a hash)?


For those attending the session in London, I recommend you to open the presentation, review the challenge details, and try to figure out how to generate the code without using Google ;), and before reading the official solution.

Have fun! Taddong is coming...

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