May 10, 2010

The metamorphosis of the RaDaJo Security Blog: Taddong's Security Blog

With the establishment of our new company, Taddong, we have started a new blog: Taddong's Security Blog. This blog replaces the RaDaJo Security Blog effective immediately, therefore, this will be our last post here. RaDaJo will not disappear, so that its contents remain accessible, but it will be frozen; no new content will be added to it in the future. After almost four years of publishing entries on this blog and sharing different security topics and opinions with you, we have to say... ¡hasta la vista!

New technical articles, tools, and additional security research are going to be published in the new blog, together with Raul's security book reviews. We take this opportunity to announce the existence of Raul Siles Book Preferences, a list that will (at least temporarily) keep the old RaDaJo name as the bequest of the original blog, where the security book reviews started to be published.

If you want to stay with us in this new journey, as a new Taddong blog reader and follower, do not forget to subscribe to the new blog by using the syndication buttons available on its sidebar. We will be glad to have you with us!

RAul, DAvid & JOrge